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Style your hair to match your face shape

Have you ever tried styling your hair in a certain way, but still feel like that style doesn't suit you? or even looks weird on you? There could be a multitude of reasons why that's the case, and it can be extremely frustrating not being able to identify the issue. However our talented stylists have identified one major reason why certain hairstyles fail to suit a person, this issue being that some people simply do not style their hair to meet their face shapes.

Matching your hairstyle to suit your face shape would instantly make you look like a newer, more stunningly beautiful you.

Here are two steps to help you match your hairstyle to your face shape.

Step 1

Identifying your face shape

Photo credits: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

In order to to find a suitable style for your facial shape, you would have to first identify what type of face shape you have. This isn't as easy as it sounds though, it might be difficult to identify certain facial shapes, as people tend to miss out certain subtle details that set a specific face shape apart from other face shapes.

Refer to the upper digram while paying attention to certain details, and identify which face shape is the most identical to yours.

Step 2

Picking the right styles for your face shape

After identifying your face shapes, comes the part of picking the styles that would suit your face shape.

Round shapes

Photo: Pinterest

The rule of thumb of hairstyles suited for round faces is to maintain the width of your face while giving the effect of elongating your face. We recommend going for a centre part or an asymmetrical cut, which will reveal more of your forehead and provide the effect of your face having a larger surface area, thus balancing out the rounder edges of the face.

Oval shapes

Photo: Olivia Munn JB Lacroix/WireImage

The oval face shape is a bit more versatile as oval face shapes usually have more balanced proportions, which allows for a variety of different hairstyles. We recommend people with oval face shapes to go for a centre part with either very long locks or shorter cuts. And if that style does not suit you, a fringe cut would still suit your face well, as the fringe line balances out the length and width of your face.

Heart, Diamond, and Inverted Triangular shapes

Image courtesy

Heart, Diamond, and inverted triangular face shapes are a little similar, which allows for the application of these recommended hairstyles on these similar shapes. We recommend a mix of either asymmetric cuts or centre part cuts for these types of shaped faces, as the these hair styles would accentuate your cheek bones and the edges of your face. However in the case of heart and inverted triangular faces, it is recommended to opt for similar styles that will cover parts of your forehead, which will help balance out the width of your forehead while elongating and narrowing the jaw section.

Square shapes

Photo by Mark Abrahams - © management+artists.

The main purpose of hairstyles suited for square faces is to balance out the more angular edges of the face. Try to opt for a mid to long textured or curtain like hairstyles, which would help soften and balance the rougher more angular edges of the face. We also recommend to add waves around the ear section, which would help cover the jaw section.

Oblong and Rectangular shapes

Photo from: Getty Images

We recommend using curves and waves to help add some width to the oblong and rectangular shaped faces, which would help balance the overall proportions of the face. Bangs are also a nice touch to oblong and rectangular faces, as they reduce the overall length of the face by covering your forehead, which would help balance the facial proportions. We also recommend the use of hair eclipting, which is basically adding various colour highlights to help exaggerate certain proportions of your face.

Triangular (Pear/Teardrop) shapes

Photo via Pinterest

As Triangular/Teardrop/Pear shaped faces have a wider jaw, the main purpose of hairstyles suited for this face shape is to have the jaw appear narrower, which will balance out the overall shape of the face. Try to opt for more volume around the forehead and temples, which would help balance the proportions of the wider jaw. We also recommend letting some hair down on your jaw, which would help conceal some parts of the jaw and overall soften your jawline. Do keep in mind to watch out for curves and waves around your jaw, as adding curves and waves around your jaw would add more volume around that area, which would result in a little disproportion.

It is always important to embrace your facial shape, as it defines who you are and makes you beautiful in your own way. Regardless of what face shapes you have, with the right hairstyles and colours, you would look even more stunning and beautiful.

We here at Nitaka Tokyo hair salon Jakartra are definitely aware of certain hair styles suiting certain face shapes, and would gladly advise and provide hairstyles that would result in a newer, and even more stunningly beautiful version you.

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