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Hair Colours You Have To Try In 2018

It's 2018, a new year calls for new styles, and you can't get anymore stylish than getting a change in hair colour. Here are a few hair colours we at Nitaka Hair Salon in Jakarta, Indonesia, recommend you try to make your year a stylish one.

#1 Blonde On Brunette

Blonde On Brunette


The Blonde On Brunette is a simple yet stylish mixture of two contrasting colours, with celebrities such as Selena Gomez trying the Blonde on Brunette look. The blonde colour is a perfect contrast with the brown colour, giving a perfect balance of light and dark shades. We at Nitaka recommend a good amount of golden blonde along a pastel of dark brown highlights to really show of that stylish hair of yours.

#2 Auburn

Auburn Hair Colour

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The Auburn colour is a stunning colour that goes well with warmer skin tones. Auburn is also perfect for women who prefer a shade of red and warmer colours, all the while maintaining a good balance of dark brown shades and bright red colours.

#3 Wild Pastel Blue and Green

Wild Blue

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Have you always wanted to go wild and all out? Then this year is your chance to try some stunning and wild colours. One of our recommended colours are dark blue and duke blue with shades of black. The dark blue colours blend well with darker hair colours, giving a wild yet stunningly beautiful combination.

Wild Green

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Maybe Blue isn't your colour? or maybe you would like something wilder? if that's the case, you should try the stunningly wild combination of cyan green or neon green with black colours. The wild green colours serve as a beautiful contrast to the dark shades, resulting in a stunning balance of dark and light shades, while still revealing that wild side of yours.

It's a new year, it's only fair you treat yourself with new styles. If you would like to style your hair with these new styles, drop by Nitaka Salon. And let our talented stylists colour your hair using professional Japanese techniques and Japanese hair technology for a stunning and stylish new year.

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