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Gorgeous hairstyles for summer!

Summer is almost arriving! and summer calls for beaches, barbecues, partying, and fun! However the summer season also calls for new summer hairstyles, which are guaranteed to make your summer twice as fun, while looking twice as stylish.

We here at Nitaka blogs have picked out three of our favourite summer time hairstyles, which will leave you stunning and stylish throughout the summer!

Clean Knot Bun

Image via Pinterest

This knot bun hairstyle is a simple yet stunningly gorgeous hairstyle. As summer partying and beaches can ruin most hairstyles, this hairstyle is guaranteed to remain standing and stunning even while partying and enjoying the beaches. Summer could also get quite humid and could mess up your perfect hair, which is all the more reason to try this hairstyle, as this hairstyle is simple and stunningly durable enough to endure the summer heat!

Elegant French Twist

Image via Pinterest

Summer partying and beaches could get quite messy, however that doesn't mean you can't look elegant and fabulous while doing so, and that is why we chose the French twist hairstyle for people who want to have fun, yet remain looking stunningly elegant! This hairstyle would also look even more stunning if you were to opt for some highlights around the bottom area.

Beach Waves

Image via Pinterest

We can't complete this list without suggesting a hairstyle that matches beaches and summer! The beach waves hairstyle is a simple yet stunningly gorgeous hairstyle for people with long locks. Try to opt for some deep blonde and darker highlights, which would reflect nicely with the bright summer sun, while stunningly matching the summer vibe.

We here at Nitaka Tokyo hair salon, Jakarta are huge fans of summer, and summer hairstyles, and would gladly provide and advise you with stunning summer hairstyles for a fun, wild, yet gorgeous summer.

Nitaka Tokyo hair salon in Jakarta consists of professional Japanese hairstylists that are well equipped with the latest Japanese hair technology, while utilising the Japanese techniques that are guaranteed to leave you stunning.

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