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The Most Stunning Hair colours and Makeup Combinations

Changing hair colours would provide you with a new, different, and fresh look, as the different hair colours would blend well with certain skin tones and enhance a person's features.

Makeup serves as a complement to a person's skin and has the ability to enhance one's features, making them even more stunning!

However instead of blindly following makeup trends, if you were to try makeup that suits and complements your hair colours, you would be able to enhance the effects of both your makeup and your hair colours, reaching your true potential beauty!

Here are a few hair colour and makeup combinations we recommend in order to reveal your gorgeous side!

Black/Dark hair

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Black hair colours are simple yet stunningly gorgeous, we recommend going for some dark eye liner and some mascara to highlight your eyes, which would create a nice match with your dark hair. If black eyeliner isn't for you, warmer colours such as brown and dark purple would also suit black hair.

Black hair tends to go well with a lot of various lip colours, an orthodox pick would be a deep luscious red, or a plum lipstick. However you could always switch it up and go wild with a more vivid colour.

Blonde hair

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People with blonde hair colours require a little more awareness when it comes to make up, as certain makeup styles could either mess up your overall look or make you stunningly gorgeous. We recommend a dab of light pink or peach highlights around your eyes, cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and the chin. These highlights would give some warmth to your skin tone, which would match well with the blonde hair colour. We recommend that you opt for light brown or some light pink eye shadow, with either some grey or taupe eyeliners.

Some light pink or peach lipstick would also serve as a complement to the overall makeup.

Red hair

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Red hair colours give off a warm vibe, which would go well with vivid colours with darker shades. We recommend some slight pink and light red highlights around your cheeks, which would create a warm vibe and match well with the red hair.

Red hair colours would also suit well with brown highlights around the eye, and a variety of dark coloured eyeliners. Some colours that would suit your red hair include dark purple, dark brown and some olive colours. These eyeliner colours may seem a little unorthodox or weird to some people, especially with having the colour pairing in mind, however these colours provide a perfect balance of vividness and dark themes to match with the warm red hair.

We recommend that you opt for some light lip colours, as most deeper colours may clash with your red hair, a nice light pink and red would be a safe bet.

Brunette Hair

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The brunette hair colour is dark yet gives off a warm vibe, which makes warmer colours that glow a perfect partner for brunette hair colours. Go for a light bronze highlight on your cheeks, the light bronze colour gives off a nice warm glow, which would light up your face and light up your face.

Try to opt for either a dark brown or dark gold highlights with some slight glitter around your eyes, the dark yet glittery eyeliner would aid the glow of your face and mix well with the hues of the hair colour.

Since the brunette hair colours are dark yet warm, both light and darker lip colours would fit well with the brunette colour. We recommend either a bright red or plum coloured lipstick to maintain the warmth and the glow of your overall appearance.

If you think you look great just with your makeup or your various hair colours, imagine complementing your makeup to your hair colours and hairstyles, you would look flawless. So why not try these makeup advices to complement your unique and stunning hair, if you're still unsure about what makeup to use to complement your hair colour, come over to Nitaka Tokyo hair salon, Jakarta and let our stylists advise and style your hair and makeup.

We here at Nitaka Tokyo hair salon, Jakarta are definitely aware of the importance of having the right make up to suit your hair colours, and would gladly advise and provide hairstyles that would result in a newer, and even more stunningly beautiful version of you.

Nitaka Tokyo hair salon in Jakarta consist of professional Japanese hairstylists that are well equipped with the latest Japanese hair technology, while utilising the Japanese techniques that are guaranteed to leave you stunning.

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